A flat tummy doesn’t come from exercise in abundance, avoiding fats in your diet and other added stressors on the body. What most people trying to lose weight fear are fats in their diet, and these (good fats, not trans fats) are actually essential for a healthy lifestyle and flat tummy.

What are good fats? Good fats, found in nuts, avocados, fish and oils are a critical source of nourishment in your daily diet, and encourage fat burning around your middle section. Good fats also help your body to absorb vitamins and minerals more efficiently, and will also dispel sluggishness, lethargy and feeling bloated.

What are bad fats? Trans fat, however, is re-heated oil that is put in foods for prolonged shelf life and added flavouring. These fats are unnatural, artificial and created by food manufactures for the sole purpose of cutting costs so their product can sit on supermarket shelves longer. These food items have no nutritional value, stress the body out and are definitely not something we want to be fueling our body with.

What foods will help me get a flat tummy? Probiotics are excellent for improving your gut health. They are friendly bacteria that look after our gut by boosting digestion, the immune system and by reducing bad bacteria, Probiotics are found in foods such as live cultured yogurt, sauerkraut and miso. Prebiotics are a non-digestible ingredient found in foods that stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the stomach, and are found in foods such as berries, asparagus, garlic, spinach, kale and beans. Together, probiotics and prebiotics boost gut health to give you the flat tummy you want, but also have so many other incredible health benefits such as reduced risk of cancer, lowered cholesterol and balanced blood sugar levels.

Foods such as bread, pasta, baked treats and breakfast cereals contain gluten that can create the feeling of being bloated and full, even when you’re hungry – they also weaken the abdominal wall. There are so many beautiful alternatives when it comes to making the right food choices.


So what are the best foods for a flat tummy?

  • Blueberries – these are an excellent fruit and keep your blood-sugar levels steady throughout the day
  • Greens –all greens (spinach, kale, broccoli etc.) are an incredible source of vitamins, and contain stress and nerve relieving components.
  • Oily fish – fish including salmon and mackerel contain omega fatty acids, which control adrenaline levels and contain choline – great for improved memory and concentration.
  • Avocados – amazingly they contain more potassium than bananas, lower blood pressure and is a great sweet tooth craving satisfier.
  • Nuts – almonds, walnuts and pistachios are all high in vitamin B and E, boosting your immune system and an excellent snack to get you through from one meal to another.

It’s important to remember that food should be a beautiful source of nutrients to fuel and nourish our bodies, and what we choose to put inside our bodies will reflect how we feel.  Indulging in and appreciating healthy alternatives, and embracing meals in the moment, should be a time treasured with family, friends or alone.

Spring is well and truly working its way onto the scene, and luckily for us the season brings with it a youthful and playful spirit.

Nothing quite officiates spring like the feeling of crisp air brushing gently against bare legs, or a small peep outside the window to feel the forgotten warmth of sunshine – necessary to reassure you a jacket is a nonessential.

With spring comes a light-hearted, upbeat and positive ambiance that translates to perfection on the runway. This season’s trends are age-defying; think florals, pastels and punchy prints – the quintessence of spring.

Here’s a round up of the top 10 surprising fashion trends to make you look and feel younger this spring:


  1. The Perks of Pastels

As a recurring and annually frequented trend, pastels are the perfect amalgamation of pretty and playful this spring. Sorbet shades hugging sun-kissed skin and bronzed cheeks make for the youthful and fresh look you’ve been craving all winter long.


  1. Bold and brilliant bottoms

There’s something about spring that brings us all back to our childhood: birthday parties and fancy dresses, tutus and twirling to music in the sunshine. Embracing the bold on bottom statement piece, paired with a casual knit or t-shirt on top adds a youthful twist that will have heads turning with envy.


  1. Crisp Spring Whites

All-white ensembles are the perfect way to bid farewell to winter and welcome the crisp, warmer months ahead. There’s a delicate and pretty innocence in the craftsmanship of white lace, and we’re lusting over the SS15 pieces on offer this spring.


  1. Double Denim

We’re not just talking about jeans; we’re talking about denim in all its variant forms – jackets, skirts, dresses and dungarees. All things denim has hit the ground running this SS15 with designers taking denim to new degrees. I’m in love the youthful and fun, yet sophisticated look; look out, the 90’s are back.


  1. Blooms… and more blooms

Florals are a constant when it comes to spring fashion – this we know. However, each year designers give the bloom game a run for its money exhibiting even brighter, even more daring and even more fun flower prints on the runways. If you aren’t one for big blooms, vouch for a few petals here and there for a minimal, yet youthful approach.


  1. The Sportswear Fever

Designers such as Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney have revolutionized the sporting trend, allowing your look to roll straight from the gym to lunch with the ladies. There’s no shortage of sport luxe offerings – from Adidas originals to Chanel sneaks, Dion Lee’s new performance line to We Are Handsome’s extension of active wear – the sporting game is just kicking off.


  1. Fluid pants

Before you knock this trend right off the cards, visualize this: a scorching hot day, thick humidity and all things fashion faux-pas happening with your clothes tightly hugging your sticky body and your hair stuck to your forehead in unattainable strands. Solution? Fluid silk pants with slip on sandals to keep your look fresh, fashionable and far from the faux pas!


  1. Dungarees

A throwback that both reinvents past trends and sparks memories of youthful days, the dungarees are sparking up a spring fling and we can’t wait to buckle right in. What’s more fun than a transitional piece to give you fresh-faced reminders and an all-access pass to play without restriction all spring long? Not much, we dare say!


  1. 90’s necklines

The 90’s nostalgia is brought back this spring in the form of necklines. The elegant 90’s feature is the perfect piece to add a little shoulder, while keeping casual and sophisticated this season. The squared off neckline shapes hit the runway, and designers such as Carolina Hererra are reinventing the classic look – giving us just what we want: a piece of our 90’s heart back.


  1. Dresses and Sandals and Spring, Oh My!

It’s that time of year where it’s not yet warm enough for shorts and skirts, but also no longer cold enough to have to wear knits and pants – our solution is the simultaneously comfortable winter dress you’re not quite yet ready to store away, paired with your favourite (and much anticipated) sandals.


With the turn of each season comes the opportunity to explore a new seasonal scent. With winter essentials making their way back into the cupboard to cobweb for another year, a lighter and fresher fragrance is the perfect necessity to mark the seasons changing.

According to Patricia Choux – the nose behind designer creations including Carven and Marc Jacobs- “we tend to judge fragrance by the top notes, but follow it for a couple of hours, and if you still like it, go back for it.”

A profusion of designer eau de toilettes are piling high on department store shelves, with both reinventions of classic fragrances such as My Burberry, as well as unexplored aromatic essences such as Maison Martin Margiela’s Replica Beach Walk.

Here’s my guide to picking the spring designer fragrance that has everyone saying, “what perfume are you wearing? It is so you!”


My Burberry Eau de Toilette, Burberry’s reinvention of last year’s My Burberry Eau de Parfum, remains true to the Burberry brand by embracing all things quintessentially London. The scent has top notes of sweet pea and bergamot combined with freesia heart and geranium lead, while patchouli and various rose notes are married to form the base of the fragrance. The punchy floral aroma depicts the essence of spring in a single spritz.

For those who enjoy a sweeter, lighter scent, this floral fragrance embodies both a classic and crisp aroma – with just the right amount of opulence.


Burberry, My Burberry Eau de Toilette, $128.00 for 50ml. Available at http://www.au.burberry.com


The Dolce Floral Drops fragrance honours the signature scent of Dolce & Gabbana with its white flowers and White Amaryllis at the heart of its aroma, however uniquely enhances the crisp floral aroma with Neroli leaves.

The new fragrance is fresh, feminine and a little fierce with its citrusy punch – the perfect scent for sun-lovers who wish to feel as though they have just taken a dip in Mediterranean oceans.


Dolce & Gabbana, Dolce Floral Drops $ 87.00 for 50 ml. Available at http://www.myer.com.au


Versace’s new fragrance Yellow Diamond builds on the already existing image of femininity by embodying the glamour that is Versace. The fragrance explores true femininity by bringing to life the bright, sun-kissed and fiercely radiating wearer. A touch of pear, bergamot and luminous hints of lemon allure to confidence, charm and a touch of seduction.

I’m obsessed with this scent, and recommend the new luxury fragrance to all those looking to feel bold and beautiful.


Versace, Yellow Diamond, $ 99.00 for 90 ml. Available at http://www.davidjones.com.au


Hot and new to the scene of designer fragrance, Maison Martin Margiela’s Replica Beach Walk perfume perfectly manifests the rich French history of the brand through it’s oh so Francais beach scent.

The dreamy feeling of sun-kissed salty skin is formulated into the simplistic, yet utterly chic bottle. Think salty hair, sandy feet and Saint-Tropez in a bottle – it’s the perfect spring scent with a coconut milk and pink pepper blend to kick start the sunny seasons.


Maison Martin Margiela, Replica Beach Walk, $125 for 100ml. Available at http://www.sephora.com

It’s been what feels somewhat like a lifetime ago since I last uploaded any content to my blog. To be honest, I’ve started a few posts here and there, but decided not to until I was fully committed to being consistent in my blogging once more. The past year has been an absolute whirlwind: moving to London (which last I posted I was just going for a semester abroad – needless to say I fell in love with the city and simply could not leave), travel, internships, graduation and a freelance gig at Harper’s Bazaar amongst a superfluity of other adventures.

Although I haven’t been documenting my explorations and adventures, my little camera clicking fingers have been snapping away all the same; between new posts, I’ll pop in a few blasts from the past year to fill in a few of the blanks.

Starting with a little adventure I took with dad to Paris…

Paris is my absolute favourite city in the world. There’s nothing more magical than a city that’s equally as spellbinding in summer as it is in winter. The last trip I took to Paris was also with dad (it’s our special place that we share together) and it was in summer time. We waltzed around in shorts and sunglasses, licking melting ice cream from our cones as quickly as we could under the Tour Eiffel, hopped from museum to museum culturing ourselves in the most spectacular city in the world, before ending the day sitting outdoors with a bottle of French red wine reminiscing about our favourite parts.

This time however, our trip included jackets, woolly hats and closed-toed shoes. We were back for another daddy-daughter adventure but this time in the middle of winter.

After arriving (and in true form) we desperately sought out a decent coffee and small bite to eat to fuel our day ahead.


And of course we were more than chuffed with the deliverance of the petit cafe we picked (Dad has a knack for picking places that always please!)

After, we bundled up and scrambled our way up Champs- Elysees (with a few stops here and there in the shops) to the Arc du Triomphe. We had made it our mission to go up the top of it, as we’d walked past it and admired it from afar many times, but never actually checked out the view of Paris from the top.

IMG_0065 IMG_0062 IMG_0061 IMG_0065 IMG_0060


The view from the top (although slightly chilly)  was nothing less than mesmerizing. IMG_0105

IMG_0111 IMG_0113

After making out way back down to the bottom, it was time for a little bubbly and enjoyment of the Lido de Paris.


But in true Lido fashion, not without a little flare to accompany….


After the show, we jumped into a taxi with our fingers frosting at the tips and devised our plan of attack for our next days adventures….I’ll fill you on all the fun tomorrow.

Before hopping on a plane for London tomorrow evening, my friends and I gathered together for a final hurrah. It only seemed fitting to pick a location that had a great atmosphere, music and most importantly, a brilliant selection of delicious beverages. Before heading over to Dillion’s, a favorite sports bar my boyfriend and I became overly fond of this summer, everyone rendezvoused at my apartment for a generous amount of wine, chatter and pictures. After a few (or more) glasses of bubbly, the men took over as self-elected photographers for the night, which of course us ladies happily sanctioned promptly. The only true disadvantages to having buzzed boys take control of the camera is that the majority of pictures come out either blurry or immoderately candid. Ergo, the following pre-drink pictures…Image








After finishing off the last of the bottles, we made our way to Dillion’s sports bar by foot. The lovely thing about living in a city like Boston is that it’s basically possible to walk any and everywhere. If it isn’t quite worth the walk, the T (local subway) is generously spread throughout the city, making it easy to pop on and off and get to where you’re going effortlessly. Walking through the city of Boston at night is hardly a burden when the city’s architecture, reflecting pool and overall energetic aura elicits such an undeniable feeling of ecstasy.  Also, there’s nothing quite like walking arm-in-arm with your best friends after a few drinks on a warm summers night…Image


(Note: the lads are still acting as cameramen, hence the out of focus pictures. Aren’t my friends such babes?)

After a quick walk to the bar, we were seated at our reserved table, perfectly located with an equal distance to both the bar (for the ladies) and the large screen televisions showing the Patriot’s football game (for the lads). We enjoyed trying an assortment of the cocktail menu, before becoming mindlessly creative and concocting our own alcoholic refreshments.

The dinner menu at Dillion’s is always a hit, from typical bar food and apps (their jumbo wings and spinach & artichoke dip are a must-have)  to their infamous flatbreads, snazzy salads and mouthwatering burgers. Dillion’s has patio seating which is perfect for a relaxing day of drinks in the sun, and has an upbeat inside area with bumpin’ music and a colossal bar.





After enjoying dinner and drinks, we made our way to the bar to continue our night of festivities where things got a little more wild..








I’m going to miss everyone and Boston while I’m away in London, but I’m so grateful to have such wonderful lifetime friends. Staying true to the world traveler I am, I have barely packed my suitcases and toppling piles of “yes”, “no” and “maybe” clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry cover my wooden floors. I can’t wait for all the adventures I’m about to embark on in one of my favourite cities in the world. London, I’m coming for ya!

In honor of summer’s end and an absolute favourite sangria and lunch spot of mine, I’ve decided to write a small location post (with horrible quality pictures) right before I hop on a plane to London this Saturday. Since first moving to Boston back in 2010 and discovering this gem of a dining spot, It’s remained a true front runner in my dining books. In the middle of winter you can tuck yourself away in a warm nook of the little restaurant’s inside, slurping on their signature and comforting tomato basil soup and grilled cheese combo, or in the middle summer you can sit outside and bask in the sun, while enjoying some of their infamous sangria (the white wine sangria is a personal favourite). This past Sunday, Cam and I reserved an outdoor table to soak up and enjoy some of the last remaining heat waves this summer had to offer. As per usual, we opted for a jar of the white sangria – although both the red and sparkling sangria are close runner ups! Cam picked a deliciously scrumptious chicken avocado BLT (which I unfortunately didn’t manage to capture quickly enough), while I went with a perfect chopped salad with grilled chicken.





The sangria comes in three sizes – depending on the size of your party (or in my case, the selfish amount you plan to demolish). A single glass is hardly worth the price, when a jar for a few dollars extra gives you a generous two or three, and comes in the most adorable of masons jars. The pitcher comes thereafter and is the perfect size for a night of pre drinks, or to share with the girls over lunch.

Make sure to reserve a seat if you plan to make your way to this popular restaurant to ensure you snag a great table and avoid the tremendously long queues.

As an island baby, born and raised, the idea of waking up without the hopes of beach days, smoothies, picnics & evening drinks on outdoor patios is not a welcomed inevitability. The anticipation of cold mornings, layered clothing & red noses led me to make a mental list of the positives that come along with the seasons changing. I may be in denial of summer coming to an end, but there’s simply no denying that fall fashion wins my heart without competition. There’s also something special to the changing of leaves, warmth of a cozy sweater and the irresistible aroma of cinnamon and pumpkin spiced lattes in the air.

With that in mind, I decided to compile a little ‘Fall Fashion Guide’ comprised of all my favourite fall looks for the destined season change.

Check out the Glossi lookbook I’ve created below, and be sure to let me know your thoughts.

Glossi.com - Fall Fashion Guide


Disclaimer: I am not a licensed nutritionist, the views I express are personal and should not be taken as medical advise.

Habits Over Diets. 

“I need to go on a diet”, “I’m on a diet”, “Im starting my diet, tomorrow”. Regardless of the phrasing, the term ‘diet’ is used far too frequently for my liking. From here on out, it’s being referred to as the ‘D word’. Why might you ask am I referring to it as the ‘D word’? Well, simply because it’s unhealthy to diet and a complete waste of your time!

Now that that’s settled, I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks that will help you form healthy habits to incorporate into your lifestyle, while keeping you smiling and losing weight along the way.

First and foremost, it’s important you have a good understanding of what ‘healthy eating’ really means. The term ‘salad’ typically conjures up visuals of lively greens and healthy vegetables, however, what most people don’t realize is that the majority chain restaurant salads are packed with thousands of camouflaged calories. In fact, chances are that cheeseburger you fought so hard to deny contains less fat and less calories. This doesn’t mean that the next time you’re out to dinner you should opt for the cheeseburger, no Siree! What it does mean though, is by gaining a proper understanding of what ‘healthy eating’ really means and integrating it into your everyday life (in addition to befitting portion control), the next time you want that undeniably lip-smacking cheeseburger, you go glenn coco, you go for it!

By adapting a ‘healthy eating’ lifestyle, live by the 80/20 rule. This isn’t a diet, this is a lifestyle. This means that 80% of the time you’re eating healthy and nutritious food, while the other 20% of the time you’re enjoying whatever your little heart (or sweet tooth in my case) desires. The majority of people that *insert the D word* are not eating in a way that is sustainable over long periods of time. Eating small amounts of only healthy and light food leads to the vicious cycle of weight loss, following by that evil weight gain (…not to mention the discomfort of cravings, hunger pains and overall grumpy attitude that accompany). That’s where the 80/20 rule comes in. By eating healthy 80% of the time, the remaining 20% allow you to live happily without the worry of splurging every now and again, while maintaining that rockin’ bod of yours, guiltlessly.

Portion control is key. Eating smaller portions and more frequently is much better than eating larger portions fewer times a day. Snacking is healthy and can stop those nasty hunger pains from kicking in and overshadowing your sensible food making decisions. A few very healthy, well portioned and sustainable snack ideas are: baby carrots and celery sticks, saltine or rice crackers, low fat greek yogurt with assorted berries, a handful of almonds, steamed veges, air-popped popcorn, regular quaker oatmeal with freshly cut fruit, egg whites on whole wheat toast, and the list continues…

Using available resources may help you gain a better understanding of the amount of sugar, cabs, fats and calories in the foods you’re consuming. Before you buy a box of granola bars, or any packaged food item for that matter, check the nutrition facts on the back. Sadly, false advertising on food products constantly lead people to make unhealthy decisions. For instance, Chobani Greek Yogurt has been sued for false claims about the products health and nutritional benefits – the yogurt, despite it’s advertising claims, is not actually “natural”. Another example, Kellogg’s claimed that their Rice Krispies cereal contained “25 percent Daily Value of Antioxidants and Nutrients — Vitamins A, B, C and E” which was also found to be false. In other words, instead of reading the ‘pop out’ appealing advertisements slammed all over the pretty packaging, read the nutrition facts on the back of food items to help you gain a better idea of what it is exactly that you’re putting into your body.

A great resource for finding out basic nutritional facts is livestrong.com. Whenever I want to quickly gain a basic understanding of the nutritional values for any food product, I quickly type ‘livestrong’, along with the food item into my google search engine that I’m curious about, and kapeesh!

 The important thing to remember is that having an understanding of what you’re putting in your body is important, and will help you form healthier eating habits. The more you check labels and spend a little time googling various food products, the more aware and knowledgeable you will become, ultimately making it easier and more fun to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle. Living by the 80/20 rule will allow you to enjoy all your favourite treats in moderation and live a sustainable, enjoyable healthy lifestyle. After all, food is for fun and is meant to be enjoyed and not a cause for stress.

Feel free to ask me any questions or share your thoughts with me. Any fitness or healthy lifestyle related blog post requests are welcomed!

Having dreamed of making London my home ever since my first visit back in 2009 with my dad, I am finally venturing back this fall (and perhaps I may just stay and never return). The first time I explored the perfect little city of London, I knew I would one day make my way back and make it my home. Although only temporary this time, I plan on moving right back again after graduation.

It was on my first visit to London that I knew that fashion was far more than just a hobby and interest, and rather something I wished to truly pursue. It is because of you little London, that I became enlightened, inspired and completely infatuated with the idea of a career and lifestyle revolving around all things fashion.

(It was also where I was asked to be photographed for British Vogue, probably the most exciting moment of my eighteen years of life at that point)

I was supposed to take my London adventure back in January of this year, however, after being offered an absolutely incredible opportunity at Vogue in New York City for six months, I prolonged my little dreams of London to pursue my bigger dreams of entering the fashion industry.  After having spent the past 6 months absorbing the wisdom of some of the most brilliant individuals in the industry, I’m finally making my way to London to continue pursuing my fashion career dreams.

While in London, I’ll be updating my blog on a regular basis. However, in addition to sharing all things pertinent to the London fashion scene, I’ll also be writing a lifestyle section to document all of my adventures while abroad.

Follow me on my adventures in London, and keep your eyes peeled for a total blog makeover.

Here are a few of my current ‘wants’. As of the late I’ve become fixated on finding international boutique stores, little shops that sell items not easily accessible here in New York – It may be the little world traveler in me trying to depart and diverge my focus from the heart of this fashion-frenzy city. In doing so, I’ve stumbled come across some gems too fun not to share. Today’s Save it for Sunday find is Vanishing Elephant – First opened 2011 in Melbourne, Australia.

Genoa – tan/off white shoes – Womens two-tone leather and canvas brogue shoe. AUD $220

Image Image

As both an ocean lover and surf enthusiast, the Papersea Quarterly, Volume 1 Issue 3 caught my eye! AUD $18


My best friend in the world owns these jeans. Seeing as we live on polar sides of the world, after spotting them on her instagram I immediately jumped at asking her where she got these beauties. I may have to get her to send me a picture of them on her because the image below does them absolutely no justice. The Fifi Chino in Floral. Super Comfy. A new morning ritual pant. AUD $150.


I hope you enjoyed some of my fun finds from Australia this week, until next Sunday fellow fashionistas!

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